Close Protection Course

SIA Accredited Close Protection Course
14 days

Students on our protection course will receive the benefit of tuition from experienced operatives who have worked on some of the most prestigious operations available and within some of the most challenging.

The wealth of experience will be imparted to you in a safe learning environment where development and education of the required role will be a 'steep' but 'enjoyable' learning curve.

Please note that this is a pass or fail course unlike some cheaper options available but every effort will be made to assist students in being successful.

Priority will be given to our students for any deployments that Fortis Services Ltd undertake and the ability to join our very strong team is therefore a good possibility.

From the Managing Director: Gary Sanderson

"I lead a group of hand-picked colleagues who provide the highest quality Close Protection services, and can be totally relied upon to deliver flexible but effective security in a quiet and unobtrusive way"

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SIA Door Supervisor Course

SIA Accredited Door Supervisor course
5 days

Up-skills course
2 days

Students will receive training in the skills required to work in the private security industry. On successful completion of this course the students will be able to apply for their S.I.A licence which will allow them employment as Door Supervisors.

Level 2 Award for Upskilling Door Supervisors aims to provide additional skills and knowledge to Door Supervisors who have previously completed a Door Supervision qualification.

Students should be aware that there is a physical element to these courses which will enable them to deal with potential conflict situations in the work place.

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SIA Accredited CCTV Training course
4 days

Students will be provided all the necessary training required to be competent in ability to perform the role of CCTV operators in all environments.

This CCTV training will be delivered theoretically and will also have a practical element, in which the students will be prepared for the operational use of a CCTV system, the preparation of evidence and the handover requirements for other agencies i.e police.

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Terrorism Awareness Course

Terrorism Awareness Training
1 Day

We at Fortis Services Ltd are pleased to offer you the opportunity to obtain the under pinning knowledge in Counter Terrorism Awareness.

Recent history has shown us the "Active Shooter" and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED'S) are the weapons of choice for Terrorist organisations. To tackle these threats it is essential that everyone understands the threats posed and motivating factors behind terrorism.

We are pleased to offer training which ensures that all staff are aware of the potential terrorist threat and how best to deal with the threat should it materialise.

Course Content :-
The threat of terrorism
Definition of terrorism
Motivating factors behind terrorism
Identifying targets
what is an IED?
Risk assessment and basis prevention evidence gathering
Active shooter scenario

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All Fortis Services Security staff have undertaken our Terrorism Awareness training course

Emergency First Aid at Work
NVQ Level 2

This one day course is designed for people who wish to receive training in emergency first aid and is especially suited for nominated first aiders in smaller, low risk work environments. This course provides basic life saving first aid and work place health and safety regulations.

Successful candidates will receive certification which is valid for three years.

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First Aid at Work
NVQ Level 3

This three day course provides the learner with the comprehensive set of skills needed to become a confident first aider at work. It gives you both the ability and knowledge to deal with first aid emergencies to a high standard. These three days give you the opportunity to enhance your knowledge in more depth making you, the learner more confident to deal with any first aid incidents that may arise.

Successful candidates will receive certification which is valid for three years.

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